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1000 Calories a Day, find out if it’s really useful

April 14, 2015

People are being desperate to lose weight and assume an ideal body shape. For that matter they make drastic changes in their lives to get rid of the fat lying in their bodies, they do not think quite well regarding the potential side effects of their new and fast ways to cut down body weight and fat, and these 1000 calories a day is part of it. People do everything in their power to get rid of the extra fat that their body has been accumulating for years. Unfortunately most people do not quite understand that it is not a matter of a day or two, rather this piled up fat can take months or even years to leave your body, all one has to do is to be consistent and patient.

Talking about this diet, it involves 1000 calories a day includes small servings of oatmeal and milk with almonds in the breakfast, during lunch time a bowl of salad with small amount of white meat but devoid of dressing is allowed to have and as far as the dinner is concerned, pasta is the choice and some sauce to go with it. Fresh fruits and vegetables, also some nuts can be utilized as snacks between these prefixed set of meals at certain times.

If one is complying with this diet then all the extra sugar, soda are out. It is important that you eat less but more often. You can also try dividing your day food serving’s 200 calories every time you eat, making a total of 1000 calories a day. This is necessary so that your body does not run on low sugar. On a 1000 calorie diet a day, it is necessary that you involve all the important nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Try limiting extra and tiring workouts on this diet so that you might not get injured due to malnutrition and fatigue.

It should be kept clear that assuming such drastic diet would not benefit in the long run throughout your diet plan. Your body would be prone to lose its freshness and it is quite possible that you lose all the nutrition from your diet and face shortage of essential dietary elements. Therefore, it is usually recommended that one should try not to stick to this potential hazardous diet for long. It might prove beneficial when one is about to start a long term diet plan and need an assuring or boosting start, but never go for it for long enough to deplete your body of its natural strength and glow.

Though people find this diet satisfying in terms of fast and drastic results, but this should be noted that 1000 calorie a day is not ideal. It can make you lean in less time but the amount of fat lost on this diet can easily bounce back once you stop it and it can pose serious nutritional deficiencies inside your body and you might face hazardous medical consequences then.

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