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4 Reasons to Drink More Water

November 15, 2014

4 Reasons to Drink More WaterThere are number of ailments that may occur for not drinking enough water. If you suffer from any of the following ailments, you may not drinking water enough: exhaustion, memory loss, giddiness, dry and wrinkly skin, rough and split hair and nails, cold toes and fingers,  irregular evacuation of bowels, urinary tract infection, headache, eczema, and muscle pains.

Here are four most good reasons why you should boost water intake without any compromise.

You will have better digestion

Your wise body knows very well that the vital organs need necessary nutrient. If you dehydrate your body, it will take what is necessary for the organ.  Inevitable consequence is the constipation.

You will have glowing and youthful skin

If you love to see your reflection in the mirror that you must do something to avoid sunken eyes and puffy eyes with shady circles. You may be alerted of the distressed kidney. For complete health fitness drinking of enough water is very urgent. Whatever you do or take for fun or frolic outside in at home, all will be reflected over your face.

You will be capable of shedding your body fat

You will surprise to know that dehydrated body leads to weight gain by using all the available fluids.  By drawing water out of bloodstream, the surplus glucose remains till it enters the liver; there it is stored as glycogen for use later on. There is no other alternative to keep your body fit other than taking water as necessary.

You will help your body to do its job

There is enough reason to call water as a source of life as water constitutes about 90% of the blood amount in the human body. The bloodstream allows your organs and cells nutrients and nutrients. So, water is equally important as blood for the body.

                                         How much water I should take

Normally, every normal human being needs about two Liters of pure water daily. But water intake

varies according to the body constituents as well as the environment you live in. Additionally, if you do workouts or yoga you need additional amount of water. During pregnancy a woman needs more water. A new breastfeeding mom also needs health fitness. Finally, those who take excessive alcohol, tea, coffee soda’s must take adequate water.

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