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5 Best Body Weight Workouts for Fitness and Weight Loss

February 5, 2015

Staying fit and slim is the desire of almost every person, especially in today’s era. For that it is necessary that exercise be made part of your everyday routine because without exercise fitness and weight loss cannot even come close to you. There are many exercise and workouts which can be practiced for weight loss, but if a person does body weight workout for fitness and weight loss then he will be able to feel and see result very quickly. Body weight exercises are the best option of quick weight loss because they are a combination of muscle building and cardiovascular workouts which are best for increasing and controlling metabolism and burning fat. Some of the best body weight exercises will be listed below.

Press ups and Push Ups

One of the best and core body weight workout is known as press ups or push ups, these exercises are best for strengthening forearms, backs, shoulders and triceps. Push ups can be done on knees or on stability balls while press ups can easily be done against a wall. It is to be noted that all these exercises need training and getting used, this can only be achieved by incorporating them in your routine.

The Plank

The plank exercise is done either by the support of hands, feet or forearms, it is an exercise which evaluates and predicts the body’s core strength. It is done similar to press ups because the position used is the same. While doing this exercise it is important that the back is kept straight and when you start to feel tried then it is best to take rest.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is perhaps the most basic exercise but it is effective, it great for burning fat and hence, losing weight. The exercise requires the person to jump with widely spread legs and touch his hands over hands and occasionally bend and try to touch the feet.


This is one of the best exercise and workout to build bodily strength and muscles. It basically effects the outer thighs, glutes or buttocks and other lower muscles as well. It is a great exercise and is common among athletes and swimmers.


Cycles or abdominal cycles are one of the best exercises to improve and strengthen the abdomen, building abs and in other words for weight loss and fitness. There are two kinds of cycling exercises, one requires the person to lie flat on the ground and bring the legs up in the air in a cycling motion. The other one tells the person to lie down with arms behind the head and try to touch the knees to the elbows.

Body weight workout includes many other exercises and each of these exercises have their own purpose but at the same time each exercise helps the person to stay fit and lose weight. Other body weight exercise include mountain climbers, lunges and crunches, all of these exercises are very effective and if they are incorporated in a routine that the person will be able to see fast results.

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