How To Build Strong Back Muscles?
Muscle Building

All you need to know on how to strengthen back muscles

January 24, 2015

Being one of the biggest and strongest body parts, the back is undoubtedly made up of a chain of muscles. In order to have full grasp of details on how to strengthen back muscles, we have sectioned it into manageable chunks like this:

  • The outer lats
  • The lower lats
  • Middle back
  • Lower back

This stratification is geared toward informing you on which back exercise targets which region. Essentially, we want you to be able to gain thickness, width and shape.

The outer lats

The best rated exercises for this region are; wide grip pull-up, wide grip bent-over barbell row. The wide grip pull up is most effective if one squeezes the shoulder blades together while hanging on the bar. The wide grip bent over barbell row, on the other hand, is most effective if one remembers to pull the bar high in the direction of the upper abs. Remember that both exercises target outer lats and teres major.

The lower lats

How to strengthen back muscles in the lower lats involve these exercises:

  • Reverse grip pull-down
  • Straight arm lat pull-down

In the case of reverse grip pull down remember to keep the back arched and the chest raised high. This way, the workout focuses on those lower lat fibers. It serves you right to pull the bar down toward the chest. This allows for good contraction. The straight arm lat pull down requires one to push the bar back once it reaches the thigh level. At the same time, remember to squeeze the lats hard enough.

The middle back

This region of the back is best worked out by the following exercises:

  • The one arm dumbbell row
  • The close grip seated cable row

The one arm dumbbell row best hits the muscle of the middle back if, upon reaching the bottom position, the dumbbell is held forward away from the shoulder during the back and forth moves. Remember to pull your elbow high enough as you keep your abs tight and the back flat. Do the same for the other arm. For the close grip seated cable row, pull the shoulders and elbows backwards. This should allow the bar to touch the midsection. Keeping your torso upright will also serve to reduce pressure on your lumbar.

During peak contraction, just hold on for at least 5 seconds. At the same time, squeeze the shoulder blades for maximum stimulation.

The lower back

How to strengthen back muscles in this region involves these exercises; the back extension, the stiff-legged deadlift. Remember working out this region also helps do away with lower back pain.

During the back extension, bend the waist to the limit. Raise your torso by contacting the low back muscles. Remember to minimize motion at the hip region so that more force is directed to the lower back. For the stiff legged deadlift, allow the lower region of the back to round slightly. When raising the torso, focus on pulling the back and hip muscles only.

This is how simple we have made details on how to strengthen back muscles appear. Now, it’s is your turn; put into practice all this and be sure to get very impressive results.

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