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Best Back Workouts to Strengthen Your Lower Back

April 17, 2015

Back workouts are very important. Unfortunately, some people who believe in displaying their muscles are only interested in building few visible muscles like triceps and biceps, but those who really believe in building overall muscle mass and body, they know the importance of back workouts to give shape to you back.

It is important to perform back workouts, but unfortunately some beginners find it difficult to contract their back and feel more relaxed doing pushups. But this article will tell you some benefiting exercises for giving your back extra shape and body.

Following are some fulfilling processes for back workouts:

  1. Lifting Weights

Assume a low position of squat and take well hold of the weight bar with a sound grip, now sit in your buttocks and apply force against your heels and move upwards till you stand, now you need to keep the posture tight and move gradually downwards until the weight bar meets the ground. This completes a single rep. Repeat again for continuing with this.

  1. Barbell Rolls Bent over work out

This is a fine exercise in back workouts, now take hold of a barbell just in front of you with a grip nearly wider than shoulder’s width. Now make your core tense, make your back straight and drop your torso down to up to sixty degrees. Forcefully make your back and biceps contract; now make sure you pull the barbell above at the upper end of your torso. Hold at that position for a second and move down till you extend fully again. Now repeat the rep.

  1. One arm dumbbell rolls involving bent over

Put you left limbs (hand and knee) on a fine flat bench top, keep the core tense and back totally straight, make your biceps and lat muscles contract and gradually move the dumbbells above your upper body. Keep that position for a sec and then gradually assume extension.

  1. Lifting And Twisting With Squat

This particular exercise is for the lower back. It strengthens and makes your back more strong to give it a proper shape and adds to your resilience. Firstly stand with feet apart and place the waste bin at the back of your foot with a 5 pound dumbbell in it. Make a twisting movement towards your right and pick the waste bin up. Now bring up the basket up to your waste point, make sure you stand up erect and pressure should be directed towards your heels. Now with a twisting and squatting maneuver, place the waste bin behind your left feet. Now stand straight and continue for the next round and alternate the bin between your right and left feet as described above. This exercise is particularly effective and real easy to perform.

These are fine sets of back workouts that do not just help you get a perfect contour of your back but also make you powerful, adding extra strength to your back and are also pretty convenient to perform. Good luck!

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