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Best exercises to tone lower belly

December 24, 2014

Fat at the lower belly is not only uncomfortable but also unattractive. The area most often is a spot of trouble and difficult to take in hand. Sorry to say, reduction of lower belly only doesn’t work so effectively. With the usual cardiovascular workout and a balanced diet and particular exercises to tone lower belly, you can trim down your overall body weight whole and also the fat under the belly button.

The expression lower abs is really a misnomer. Your rectus abdominal muscle, or abdominal wall, cover up the entire middle area and link to the pelvis. Yet, people are continually searching for exercises that help to get rid of the awful lower-belly.

Now your searches are over. Most of the successful exercises here aim at toning the multiple muscles of the abdominal area.  These will maximize the rate of burning of belly fat with every turn of repetition.

Some of the best exercises that you can try if you have similar problem:

  • Lie straight on the ground.
  • Lengthen your arms above and at the back of your head just at the beginning of your torso to lift your off the floor. Don’t get detach from the mat. It is the point from where the workouts start.
  • Draw off the upper body and reach out your arms in the direction of the ceiling. Exhale halfway up, continue the rolling ahead to the direction of toes.
  • Inhale deeply and reverse the movement. Exhale half the through during the movement to go back to your first position.
  • Stretch out with your legs straight, lock the knees and move forward back down to the ground. Point toes to the wall. Now, place hands under the butt with your palms face down. This is your initial position in your bid to do exercises to tone lower belly


  • Breathe in and move up your legs straight up to form a “right angle” with the help your torso. Breathe in and stiffen your abs.
  • Breathe out, and gradually lower the legs 4 inches just above the ground you want to lower your legs as much as you can without lifting the small of your back. Keep your back pressed to the floor. Repeat the process for ten times.


  • Lift both the legs up-toward of the so that they are at right angles to the torso and steady by stretching out your arms away on the floor with palms downwards in front. This posture is the starting position of the workouts.
  • Breathe in and pull the belly button in to your spine. Curl the hips in the direction of your torso when you exhale, by lifting the hips a little keeping the legs straight
  • Inhale as you gradually make your hips lower to the ground.
  • Repeat the process at least ten times.

Are there more abs exercises to reach my goal?

Belly fat is a tricky problem. And it can be resolved only if you are determined to do so. Consult any health expert who can suggest what type of exercises to tone lower belly goes with your problem. There are lots except those mentioned above. Such as Reverse Crunches, Flutter Kicks, v-Sits, Full Plank Twist etc. What it might be, the choice is not yours, and it is advice of the experts that you should listen to very sincerely to touch your target.

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