Best Foods to burn belly fat
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Best Foods to burn belly fat

December 28, 2014

The belly fat is not merely problem of aesthetics but also a matter deep concern. With the excess fat around the midsection of your body, it is more likely that you are inviting range of ailments, like heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, and other critical diseases. If you are struggling for burning belly fat but fail to attain any results, you may look for the best Foods to burn belly fat along with the useful workouts. Here some of the helpful foods that will not only help you shedding fat belly fast, but also improve the overall health in the long run.

Before it is too late that your bloated belly mars your personality, try these food immediately.

Almonds and Nuts

Take nuts that are excellent to slim your tummy. It keeps you feel full. A recent study shows that nut keeps people feel. They slim your tummy by keeping it full for longer period than those who consume rice. But, take right amount of almond and nuts to gratify the pangs of hunger taking care of overfilling of calories.

A word of caution: Pass over salted nuts, for excessive intake of sodium raises blood pressure.

Olive Oil

Everyone requires some amount of fat that help to regulate hunger. Go for unsaturated fats like canola or olive oil. They help keeping cholesterol controlled and satisfy food cravings.

A word of caution:  Always keep off from Hydrogenised vegetable oils as they are filled with unhealthy Trans fatty acid.


For metabolization of fat Vitamin B12 is very essential. It is found in abundance in Egg and one of the best Foods to burn belly fat.  Those who take egg everyday with breakfast, lose a considerable amount of fat than the people who eat bagel.

A word of Caution: If your cholesterol is high, you should consult your doctor about taking egg every day.

Beans and Legumes

Beans are low calorie food and loaded with fiber and protein. It helps toning up your body as well as losing weight. Prepare a dish packed with bean once a week, instead of meat. You will be able to cut a fat and restore it with the fiber.

A word of Caution: Fried beans are filled with saturated fat and not very helpful for all.  Instead, pick simple black, pinto and lot of other similar foods.

Lean Meats and Fish

Digesting protein is more useful in burning calories than fat or carbohydrate.

Take leanest meat. Opt for turkey or fish, or salmon or tuna as they are full of omega-3s that prevents stress chemicals which boost abs fat.

A word of Caution: Cured meats and highly seasoned minced meat stuffed in casings contain saturated fat.

Whole Grains

The proper sorts of carbohydrate are really helpful food for burning belly fat. Select whole grains and it will help you to feel full and keep you from being hungry.

A word of Caution: It is most often found that breads labeled as “Wheat” contain hardly any fiber or nutrient. Instead search for Whole grain or 100% whole wheat that can be considered as one of the best Foods to burn belly fat.

In addition to above foods, there are a lot of other fruits that can help you shedding abs fat. Consult any health expert or nutritionist to get better suggestion.

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