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Best tips on how to stretch the upper back muscles

January 27, 2015

Depending on the nature of one’s occupation, the upper back muscles could get very stiff and painful. To avert this pain or even get rid of it, the following are some proven techniques you should try:

  • The shoulder blade squeeze
  • The neck rolls
  • Sitting rotations and extensions
  • The eagle stretch
  • The butterfly stretch

Let’s go through each of these workouts one at a time. That way we will get an in-depth grasp of the each of the workouts.

The shoulder blade squeeze

In the case of shoulder blade squeeze, get seated with your upper back muscles upright. In this posture, bend your arms as you keep your elbow backwards. Try touching your elbow from the back. This exercise helps work both your chest and upper back muscles. The shoulder blade squeeze should be repeated 10 times during your training session.

The neck rolls

Just like is the case with the shoulder blade squeeze, this workout is best done while seated. Keep the back straight then drop the head forward. Roll the head round and round in a circular fashion around the neck. This workout can be repeated for as long as 30 minutes, though much longer duration is preferable.

Sitting rotations and extensions

To work one’s upper back muscles with the sitting rotations and extensions, sit straight up. During this exercise try keeping the hands on the sides and the feet flat. Now, with one hand on your head, arch the upper back muscles skywards. Hold it this way for about 20 seconds or so before taking a 5 second break then repeating the same over and over again. Move the torso to the left and to the right in alternating fashion for about 20 minutes.

With your hands at the back of your head, drop downwards to the limit. Do this back and forth for another10 minutes. In the same posture, try doing a forward stretch. During this move, bend your backbone forward as you let your head drop low.

The eagle stretch

With the eagle stretch one can choose to sit or stand upright; the choice is yours. The head and the back should be kept straight up. Spread out your arms so that they are parallel to the ground, just like the eagle’s wings. In this position, move the arms to the sides- from left to right and vice versa. Hook up the right hand with the left one right across your chest. Hold on for 20 seconds before reverting and doing the same with the other hand. Repeat the procedure at least 5 times.

The butterfly stretch

Just like the above mentioned workouts for upper back muscles, the butterfly stretch requires one to be seated straight up. Take a deep breath in and put your fingertips on the chest region. Exhale deep and extend your hands right in front of you. Repeat this for at least 10 minutes.

With these simple steps you will have worked out the upper back muscles, just like that!!

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