How To Build Strong Back Muscles?
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Building and upholding the strong lower back muscles

December 3, 2015

People workout mostly for their upper back. They attend it so firmly that they overlook the mass in the lower back. It appears that very few people train the lower back muscles. Many people in the fitness center don’t even think about taking care of it. But strong lower back muscles are thekey tostrength. If people don’t get support from the lower back, it is impossible to stand up and do workout for the upper part.

It is not at all a rare events that people most often suffer from weakness of the lower back muscles. The disproportionate training for strengthening the part of the muscles of the body of the spine, increases the possibility of injury. The weak link causes chain reaction. Just imagine a shackle runs from the top to bottom. It is helpful to visualize a strong chain running from the head to the toe, down the spine. Each one of them are connected with the other. When any of the links is weak, the whole chain will collapse.

The additional tension, weight, and the command placed on the back muscles of the body of the lifter requires a very strong back muscle foundation. The stronger the back muscles , the more convenient it is for the weight lifter to perform. As these muscles remain covered with clothes, and is not shown in the mirror when people measure their fitness, it is too often neglected.

The deadlifts and squats are the two most important workouts to strengthen the lower back muscles.


It is the only workouts that stimulate both the upper and the lower muscles of the body. One can perform this excellent hip extension workout for working the lower back. Some experts consider this as the king of all exercises as it hits almost every part of the body the back, the quads, the glutes, the quads, the forearms and the arms and even the abs. The only equipment that is necessary for the deadlift is barbell. The step by step learning of this workout is very easy but effective for trimming the strong lower back muscles.


Squats help developing lower back, upper thighs, and gluteus muscles. The right posture of squats starts with the heels with less apart than the extent of the hips and the toes angled out not more than 30 degrees.

Other simple ways to strengthen lower back muscles

  • Reduce the duration of sitting time at home or in the office. Never sit more than 30 minutes at a stretch. The studies show that the people who use to sit for hours suffer from back pain for over stress on the lower back muscles.
  • Walk at least 10-12 thousand step everyday give your back muscles strength and stamina.
  • If you are already suffering from acute lower back pain, consult with an expert and make sure that the aerobic or the work out of low-intensity fits well with your body. Running, jogging and jumping can aggravate lower back pain.
  • Swimming is an extremely good exercise for strengthening back muscles. Aqua jogging is also helpful for strengthening legs and lower-back muscles.

Fitness is another name for confidence which in turn builds strong personality. The strong lower back muscles foundation is at the root of your good physique. It is, therefore, imperative to take care of it very seriously.

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