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Creatine facts that will shock you!

December 16, 2015

Creatine is a grouping of tri-amino acids: Glycine, methionine and arginine. People most frequently talk about creatine as steroids. But, Creatine is not at all a steroid. The real creatine facts are that it is completely not as it thought by the majority of people and functions in different manner. Creatine is formed by the body, but also found in the food full of protein. The meat and fish are the best sources of protein. It is not a synthetic compound, it is natural.

How does creatine work in the body

After creatine goes into the body in a form of supplement outside or it is created by the body, it ties up with a Phosphate Molecule to produce creatine phosphate. Then, there occurs a biochemistry in the body’s energy source :ATP (Adenine Tri-Phosphate).

Of all the basic creatine facts, the key role in the constituents of the compound of energy that stimulate contraction of the muscle is important. It is found in the muscle fiber in two different forms, free creatine, and creatine phosphate. It is produced by the combination of molecules with the phosphate in order to create the high power compound ATP (Adenine Tri-Phosphate).

How far creatine is Safe

Since creatine is the recent addition to the market, it is hard to determine if there will be any long run health issues after using it. But, till today there is no any authentic proof against the creatine, facts till now didn’t say that it has any adverse side effect in our body. So, till now one can believe that creatine is safe for human body. But, it is funny to find some people ridicule about the safety of creatine at the weekends common parlor when it is giving endless benefits to the people around them.

Will creatine mess kidneys?

The researchers are persistently experimenting the creatine facts and its effectiveness. This is the reason why a number of health professionals follow up the utilization of creatine. The reports indicate it safe and effective. One of renowned sport professionals says that there are lots of supplements for sports, but no other supplement is as safe as creatine. There is no available text to suggest that it is unsafe.

But there are some individual report of kidney injury, heart ailments, cramped muscles, diarrhea, dehydration, besides other fallouts. But it might be noted that all are individual facts, not common. Some of the above circumstances can be caused by ingesting excessive amount of some vitamins. But, to be in the safe side, consider the use of creatine is safe only if you are completely free from kidney problems.

The best time to take creatine

One of the creatine facts is about the time of ingestion. There has been much argument about this. The health experts say that taking creatine after a workout is more advantageous or beneficial time for a number of reasons. Insulin hormone force into more creatine into the muscle cell. Any smart bodybuilder will take meal after workout, and spike the insulin by the result. So, taking creatine with the post workout meal will surely be helpful for the muscle cell.

Additionally, after the workout, the body can absorb nutrients better than another time. That creatine helps replenish the demand of phosphate is one of the important creatine facts. Consult health experts about the type of creatine suitable for you.

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