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Flexible dieting for weight lose

November 22, 2014

The dieting that fits you is very popular now-a-days for weight loss. Dieting is getting more and more attention. Let’s know what exactly the flexiFlexible dieting for weight lose diet is.  Flexible Dieting is commonly known as IIFYM or If It Fits Your Macros. It is to follow the macronutrients:  protein, carbohydrate and fat to attain the goal of body composition.

Flexible Dieting pursues the idea that there is no miraculous food that can lose weight fast. Neither there is good food nor bad, just there macro ratios only.

See the differences between the two items:

McGrilled Chicken Burger and Brown Rice and Tuna. Both the food will achieve similar results for your body. Soon after food enters inside your body, your stomach cannot differentiate healthy from the unhealthy food items. It simply breaks down the foods and processes the macronutrients. The actual fact is that, you can take any food you like so long as it hits your “macro goal.” You will be able to see considerable change in your weight and very soon you will reach your targeted weight.

What are the benefits of flexi-diet?  

The most important thing in weight lose regimen is to understand the importance of calorie deficit. Even if quality is important, quantity is also most significant for determining the weight loss factor. If you are free from calorie deficit, you can enjoy all the good foods you want to take.

Is Flexi dieting challenges strict dieting?

Flexible dieting focus on the macro intake, not on eating certain foods that can help you to attain your goals, at the same time enjoying the life with all around you. You can take a piece of B’day cake and eat it also. In dieting there involved the challenges of social element. But flexi dieting allows you to take part or join any social meet for meals.

How can I start taking flexible dieting?

To start with estimate your macros. And then purchase a food scale to track what exactly is the accurate amount that you need to take. You will able to eat with your family and friends without being much aware of weight lose or weight gain. Very soon you will able to the see great results.

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