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How to blast your chest

January 25, 2015

The muscles of the chest are very important groups muscle of human body. There are a lot of people struggle for growing of the muscles of the chest area and to know. If you are one of them and want to know how to blast your chest, you should know some of the basic things before you plunge into the decision. It is not so easy to train the chest muscles. The growth of these muscles can never happen just within a night.  It might take months, even years to achieve the blasted chest.

But, if you put yourself under proper training, you can expedite the process. There are some of the exercises that help to construct stronger muscles.  And, the others are helpful to build masses and exercises that shape the chest. But, the dumbbell as well as the barbell bench pressing exercises is the best for blast your chest.

The bench press also strikes the groups of muscle: the deltoids and the triceps. If you performing right exercise it is the pecs that you are concentrating more than the other. If it is not the case than you are sure to give more attention to the triceps and the shoulders.

As a rule, if home is the gym, then it is right choice to invest to buy some dumbbells. But, if the chest workout at home is only on some occasion, then you might want to have just two sets of dumbbells – One is heavy and the other is light. This will give you the answer to how to blast your chest.

Pushup exercise without Dumbbells

In case you have no dumbbells, still you can great result to blast you chest. As considered by Jack LaLanne, one of the modern fitness experts, consider the “push up” as  the basis of any workout program. Those who want to blast chest, do tons of push up. Like

  • Elevated Push up
  • Regular Push up
  • Wide Push up
  • Bench push up
  • Counter push up

These pushups are:

Very effective, yet simple to strengthen your pecs.

These get progressively easier with the passing of time

The number of push up can be adjusted on the basis of current levels of fitness.

Pushup exercise with Dumbbells

If you workout more frequently at home, you might like to invest in purchasing dumbbells. But, you need not to fill up your entire racks with different dumbbells. Just one or two is enough for the home work out if you need to feel how to blast your chest fast.

One is for smaller muscles like shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

Other is for larger muscles like chest and back.

Another can be for most of the exercises.

But, pushups must not be excluded from your regimen even if you perform Dumbbells.


                    How can I avoid injury in workout program?

If you are more than 30 years old, it is wise to reflect on the value of right stretching and the warm-up while doing chest workout at home.  If you had had injury in the past, you have already been careful. On the other hand, if you had no injury at all, still you need remain cautious about it. As you strike the middle age, injuries might happen to you so easily.  Then it will truly be harmful for you. So take care of this while doing work out.

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