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How to choose one of the best cardio machines from top vendors?

April 20, 2015

Different types of best cardio machines by top vendors

Many people get confused while choosing one, among the best cardio machines available in the market when they go out to buy any exercise equipment. The reason is that there are many brands, and vendors who have different cardio equipment and each serves a different purpose. It depends on you if you want to get a machine for working out your abs or toning your legs. For example, a treadmill will improve your stamina and an aircycle will tone your muscles. So the type of machine you choose should be according to your requirements and the parts of your body on which you nee to work.

Check out following best cardio machines which might interest you!

# 1 Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower

Indoor rower is best for people who want a heart hammering exercise and extreme aerobic experience. This machine is designed especially to make sure that all muscles of lower and upper body coordinates and work hard to provide you cardio vascular benefits. This model improves the resistance when you jump or pull with the strength and, as a result, you can get toned muscles and lean arms by working hard along with keeping the smoothness level to maximum. Burning calories was never so easy like it is with this indoor rower.

# 2 Concept2 SkiErg

This cardio machine can be easily spotted in many professional gyms and fitness training programs. This machine engages your arms shoulders, legs, and your entire abs when you drive the handle towards your body while lying down. This equipment is considered one of the best cardio machines when it comes to staying braced and working harder.

# 3 Jacobs Ladder

This cardio machine works by going upwards continuously, so users experience a hard workout within lesser time. You can climb upwards using this self paced cardio machine. One of the interesting facts about this machine is the 40-degree angle which makes sure your core muscles, and lower back ligaments are completely involved in this workout. You can burn more calories than any other workout just by using this ladder as it improves and boosts your metabolism and the oxygen consumption of your body.

# 4 Assault AirBike

When it comes to toning your legs and buttocks, Assault AirBike should be your first choice. This is a stationary cycle, but it lacks a motor with only one front wheel. The wheel has a built-in fan for providing resistance to wind when you work out so this means that if you pump pedals harder, the resistance increases and this could be a best thing for any cardiovascular workout. Experts recommend this cardio machine to people who want to lose more fat in less time as it burns calories and tone your muscles together.

Well, these were some best cardio machines available in the market, and you can choose anyone among them as per your needs. Always remember than investing in a good cardio machine has long term benefits, and this is one of the long term investments in your health and fitness.

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