Get bigger shoulders

How to get bigger shoulders

February 20, 2015

The best quality of any size and dignity of a body is to get bigger round shoulders as well as strong shoulders like overblown balloons. The problem with the big shoulders is that not many guys can boast about the shoulders. Most of the dudes have their overpowering front deltoid muscles created by the heavy bench press exercises years after years. It took years before you learn about the back deltoid muscles.

The bench press, although, is great for the chest as well as for the anterior deltoid, but if it turns out to be your biggest concern, the girdle of your shoulder, chest will dominate over your body very soon. To fix the problem of balance, people generally hit the back. More back work works typically as it enhances the posture of the body and rounds out the physique.

But, it is sometimes happens that additional workouts for the back still overlook the posterior top of the delta which is a masterpiece of building body.  Here some of the workouts that will help you to build powerful and well-built shoulders that pop from all angles.

If you are tired of drooping shoulders and want to stand proud with bigger round shoulder and look buff, try some of the easy techniques here:

Technique: 01

Perform training for strength and weight

Aim the shoulders by means of military presses, pushups, Arnold presses, and cuff exercises by rotating with the help of rowing- machines. With this training target your pecs and back also so that they can grow simultaneously proportionate. A recent study shows that performing reps with a reduced weight can be much helpful rather than performing with the help of much weight.

Technique: 02


Swimming works on almost all the body muscle, but it can be great workout for the bigger round shoulder as well as for the upper body if you perform it in right way.   First, begin with the Breast Stroke, next use Back Stroke, and finally the Butterfly Stroke. These are all lead to better body physique and attractive shoulders.

Technique: 03

Perform the shoulder stretch

Performing the shoulders and limber stretch is a great support for the workout schedule. It can also be more fruitful for the bigger round shoulder that will be more expansive. Each of the targeted group of the muscle should be extended prior to beginning any workout.

Technique: 04

Improvement of the posture

Keep the spine upright, and the shoulders back. It can create a huge variation to look at. For getting a double advantage, the rowing exercises are very nice for you to improve the posture. This can put in mass, and get your body form better at the same time.

Can testosterone affect the width of the shoulder?

Yes, it can. Testosterone, a potent androgenic hormone responsible for the development of male secondary sex characteristics, can determine if you will have bigger round shoulder or not. During the puberty the shoulder broadens for the activation of testosterone. Under- activation of the hormone sometimes lead to tapered shoulders in later life.

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