How to use Dumbbells Effectively

How to use Dumbbells Effectively

May 1, 2015

There is a growing and increasing trend seen when it comes to the exercise plans. People are making use of several props to keep their bodies in shape. They are trying daily to lift weights, run on treadmills and use other similar props to make their workout worth their effort and in that manner they are able to perform very useful exercises with less inconvenience. One such important tool in this respect is dumbbell and they always want to know the best dumbbell exercises they could do with it. Dumbbells are very popular among the people who are crazy about the workouts and they are very keen towards its right application.

Below are mentioned the best dumbbell exercises for you to practice and use this prop appropriately:

  1. Pressing Shoulders

This exercise is very good for your upper body. It makes use of your deltoid and as well as triceps muscle, thus very strengthening. Stand with the dumbbells in hand and raise one arm while lowering the other. Then repeat this maneuver involving both the sides; raising one after the other. If you do not want to strain your back, you can also perform this exercise while sitting on a bench supporting your back.

  1. Kickback of Triceps

These are considered kind of classic when it comes to shaping your triceps. Stabilize your knees on a flat surface, preferably a bench and then hold dumbbells and move it backwards with your arm. Make sure that you upper arm is stationary during whole of the maneuver, otherwise the burden would be on your shoulders and back and it won’t help your triceps. Thus, it is very important among the best dumbbell exercises.

  1. One Arm Rowing and Kneeling

This exercise is among the best dumbbell exercises. All you need to do is find a fine flat bench. Put your hand and knee of one side on it and perform the kneeling one arm row maneuver. This is mainly meant for your middle back and posterior arm; targeting two muscles lats and deltoid.

  1. Bicep Curl; Alternating

With you feet separate from each other, stand erect. Hold firmly the dumbbells in your hands with the palms in the direction of each other. Let that hang first and then raise a dumbbell above till it reaches your shoulders, do this my assuming a curling maneuver by folding the forearm towards your chest. Now start lowering the dumbbell of this side, start lifting the other hand with that dumbbell and then curl it in the similar way as before. Make sure that the movement is not jerky but smooth and swift. If you are bearing the jerks then check again, your dumbbells are heavier than they should be. Correct that and avoid the jerks.

Above are mentioned the best exercises that you can do with the help of dumbbells. Make sure you assume the proper position and proper lifting. As these props add to the existing benefit of your exercises, these are helpful.

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