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Lemon juice diet: a healthy way

May 30, 2015

Lemon juice diet is getting popular these days because people are now more concerned about knowing the healthy ways of improving health and beauty than ever. Unfortunately, lemon juice diet is not understandable fully by most people and they remain unaware of the aspects in which it can easily be added to the diet, because surely it is helpful.

Lemon juice diet is detoxifying. It is very essential that we get total rid of the toxins from our body, eliminating toxins from the body gives boost to our metabolic system, revitalizing it actually. This gives extra power to our digestive system and the liver that now can absorb and the nutrients we eat to produce certain compounds that prove helpful in eliminating extra fat from our body. So, it is a win- win with this lemon juice diet.

This particular detoxification diet can be divided into two effective phases. One, you follow a flash 24 hour diet plan and then schedule another plan for a week to get most of the benefit.

24 hour plan is not difficult. Add four glasses of lemonade made of pure filtered water, many glasses of this plain water that contains the lemon peel. In order to improve the taste of your lemonade and amplify the effect of lemon in detoxification, add very small amount of cayenne pepper, and either add maple syrup or boost the lemonade with cinnamon. With all this liquid, you can have fruits, vegetables, homemade yogurt, nuts (that are not salted), pulses and fish. Choose from these you want for the day.

For some of you who want to know exactly that what should be utilized during the first 24 hours, we have a proper menu for you to get more understanding of what it actually includes. Start your day with a glass of warm water with a full lemon in it. For the breakfast you can go for the fruit salad of your liking with the yogurt and two tablespoons of oats to add to it. You can also choose from a 300 milliliters of soy glass or the organic milk to go with the before mentioned things. The unsalted almonds (8 in number) and a full glass of fresh fruit juice with the water (diluted juice) would do for the snacks in the morning. For the lunch, a bowl of vegetable soup and two slices of bread (whole grain bread) and salad with the grated cheese to go with it. Further, one tablespoon of cottage cheese and tomatoes with oatcakes (two in number) would be just fine for the afternoon snack and for the dinner citrus drink (hot), baked peaches, chicken or grilled fish with olives and lemon and vegetables that are stir fried would suffice.

After you have completed lemon juice diet 24 hour course, incorporate same lemonade, excess water, fresh fruits and vegetables, no extra sugars or refined food, and avoid eating in front of television and at late night hours for a week. You can continue this diet later also.

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