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Reason Why Your Weight loss Plan Fails

October 1, 2014

Reason Why Your Weight loss Plan FailsWeight loss plan fail because of a lot of reasons, people need to manage their plans properly in order to avoid failure in their efforts.

Many people struggle with problems concerned with weight loss and come up with plans and certain diets to minimize the percentage of gained weight. It is very common that the first weight loss plans you forge are more likely to fail but the real question is that; Why do these plans tend to fail? The reason can be that you may have underestimated the daily calories that are consumed by you, similarly you also overestimate the amount of calories consumed by your body when undergoing certain activities for example when you walk for about twenty minutes continuously you just burn about 100 calories which roughly equal to the calories contained in a cup of coffee.

We forget the fact that losing weight is a continuous process and you just cannot expect to lose the amount of weight in a month which you gained in long time of ten years. It is unwise to think that you can easily lost weight permanently without controlling your dieting habit. Most of us have a habit to eat and drink in big plates and cups and this is one of the reasons that help weight to gain because we don’t realize that how much we are eating. When using a big bowl we think that we are not eating a lot as the bowl is not completely full but if we measure the amount in the big bowl with small bowls the amount of food contained in the big bowl is equal to almost three small bowl.

Another problem with people is that they do not like the idea of wasting food and eat a lot more than they require. Addiction to sugar is very common and many people don’t realize this fact. It is a habit of many people that they consume a lot of sugar in the form of cakes, coffees and candies, not thinking that how much sugar is contained in them. If we control these problems and make a good and long lasting weight loss plan the possibility of losing weight permanently is raised a lot higher.

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