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Revealed: The Best Exercises for Triceps

January 17, 2015

Having a powerful set of horseshoe-shaped biceps is the very first step towards building a titanic set of arms. This is because the biceps make up a bigger portion of the arm muscles. Besides, strong biceps improves one’s performance on other lifts like the bench press and military press because it guarantees power and the necessary strength.

To have your dream of chiseled triceps come true, one has to undertake precise training that puts emphasis on the entire triceps muscle. In this article we have elaborately detailed some of the best exercises for triceps. Before getting down to the various exercises, it is important to mention that the triceps is actually made up of 3 heads:

  • The medial head
  • The lateral head
  • The long head

Which are the best exercises for biceps?

Some of the best exercises for triceps include:

  • The closed grip bench press
  • Triceps dips
  • Overhead lateral triceps extension
  • Barbell lying triceps extensions
  • Reverse one-arm cable triceps extensions

Closed grip bench press

This is one of the best exercises for triceps and targets all the 3 heads in equal strength. Because this workout equips the triceps to handle much weight, it makes the muscles to build up more. Additionally, the closed grip bench press adds more definition to the inner chest.

It involves putting both hands at close range at the middle of the bar. The elbows must remain close to the torso throughout this exercise. Slowly lower the weight down then raise it up again and again in a repeat fashion.

The triceps dips

You want to blast all the three triceps’ heads simultaneously then the dips are essential. They do this by overloading the muscles with significant amount of weight that in essence means more muscle build up.

During the triceps dips the body is lowered slowly to ground level then raised up while supporting on both hands. This is done to a forth over time.

The barbell lying triceps extension

Of all the best exercises for triceps, this particular one only targets the long and medial heads of the triceps. It serves to add more height to the arm and also boost its overall strength.

This is normally done with the EZ barbells. One lays on a bench and raises the weight straight above the head.

The overhead lateral triceps extension

This workout smashes the lateral head of the triceps as well as the long head. It is beneficial in building extra strength for the forearm.

The reverse one arm cable triceps extension

You want to build up your biceps by building more on the triceps around the elbow joint? The reverse one arm cable triceps extension is all you need. This workout also adds length to the triceps because it emphasizes more on the medial head.

These are among the best exercises for triceps. If done effectively, the results are certain to be impressive within a very short duration.

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