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Some muscle building diets for your fitness journey

December 19, 2015

The diet is the most important thing when it comes to gain or make body muscles. Here are 8 muscle-builders that you should know about. The strength of the body depends upon nutritions derive from the food and the supplements. These foods help to gain weight. Although, there is an infinite number of muscle building diets that helps to grow body mass. But, finding nutritious diets should be the primary commitment to your body.

Some body builders exhibit stronger commitment to the body training, but they are not so serious about the nutrition. It would do nothing but waste time. There are an infinite number of choices of diet, but a few of them are truly helpful for them.

To get started, follow the list of top foods to include in your muscle building diet here:


Eggs are now under the spotlight of health food. Not only that, they are also helpful for building muscle. The cholesterol that is available in the egg yolk scaffold steroid hormones. The ½ a gram of essential amino acid per egg is equivalent to hurling gasoline on the fire of muscle building.

Lean Beef:

This should be the basic diet if muscle mass is aimed. The reason is that, it is laden with various ingredients that are favorable for growing muscle. For example, 3 ounces of lean beef provides 154 calories, though it contains 10 most important nutrients, such as Vitamin-B, zinc and iron. More significantly, it supplies the body high grade protein and amino acid that support insulin to promote muscle growth.

             Skinless Chicken Breasts:

It is a first-rate reservoir of protein and is served as outstanding ingredient of the muscle building diet. It maintains and repairs muscles and bones. There are a number of methods to prepare chicken breasts. Move to the store to find the cut-meat to serve them conveniently.   They can be tempered, and cooked fast.


Although, it is advisable to take foods low in fat, fish is the exception. Though, you want to avoid from trans-fats and saturated diets; still the body needs some vital fatty acids. Omega-3 is one of them that supports the process of muscle. It is found in fish. Tuna, sardines, salmon, and trout for example, are the excellent source of healthy fats and also protein. The canned, packed, fish in water also comes up with a quick supply of protein after consumption.


For any person, struggling to add weight to the body mass, nuts are the right choice. For, 1 ounce of almonds or cashew can add 150 to 170 high quality calories. It is the ideal combination of fats, fiber and protein, as it also allows people to gain the additional calories that are just ideal for you without padding in the waistline. If you aim to increase the calorie intake, nuts are the right choice.

Beans & Legumes:

If you are very serious to follow a muscle building diet, the power of beans and legumes can’t be ignored. When people usually consider foods helpful for body building, they prefer beans to the meat because, beans are very delicious and highly nutritious. Its food value is greater than lean meat.

Bottom line: The selection of food for building muscle should be done carefully. Don’t take food just for adding mass to your body. Do smart picks and only consume what you need.

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