Some of the most effective fun ab exercises for stay at home moms!

Some of the most effective fun ab exercises for stay at home moms!

May 8, 2015

Some of the most effective fun ab exercises for stay at home moms!Different fun ab exercises for women who cannot join gyms

Fun ab exercises are not a dream, and you can have fun while exercising. For many people, exercise is just about working out and pushing you harder for getting those perfect toned legs like Scarlett Johansson. That’s not really true as exercise is an activity which is greatly affected by your mood and state of mind. If you are not happy while exercising, you cannot continue it for long term as being humans; we follow things which we love to do! Make sure you have a passion for being fit and healthy because, without a good health, you cannot take care of your home or kids.

Check out these following fun ab exercises for having a flat stomach at home. These are not time-consuming and would hardly take few minutes but doing them regularly will make a difference for sure!

  1. Dead bug workout

For best core stabilization, this exercise is considered a priority. If you want to get flat abs in a month, start doing dead bug movements and get results in front of your eyes. In order to start, you need to lie on a flat surface with your bent knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Then straighten your arms towards the ceiling and lower down your toes towards the floor but don’t touch the surface. At the same position, using your left arm, lean towards the floor and keep your right arm near your head. Try to release and inhale air which will contract your abdominals, and this will also engage your muscles of the chest as well as your abs. Repeat this exercise till you feel tired. There is no limitation for doing sets as you can perform as many sets as you can but it is recommended to start with few sets and then increase them slowly.

  1. Draw imaginary circles

Drawing circles is also among fun ab exercises which are very effective and need no equipment. All you are required to do is to lie on your back and keep your both feet on the floor. Try to raise your body a little and draw imaginary circles in the air using your abs and head. After each circle, rest for few seconds and start making another circle in the air using your abs. This exercise is best for women who want to reduce their belly fat as the movements involve contraction of abdominal muscles and also make your thigh muscles stronger and leaner.

  1. Cycling in the air

This is another fun ab workout in which you can lie down on the floor and move your legs in a spherical motion in the air, assuming that you are riding a bicycle. This is very beneficial for contracting your ab muscles as every time you will bend your knees towards your abdomen, your muscles will contract and when you move your knees away from your stomach, the muscles will stretch. Women with excess fat around their buttocks and abs are advised to do cycling sets for a half hour daily.

So these were some fun ab exercises for getting a flat stomach without use of any equipment or gym. You can perform these workouts at your home with ease and get wonderful results in few months.

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