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Success Stories Regarding Low Carb Diet and Weight Loss

June 6, 2015

Most of people do not believe in theoretical figures and statistics, they are driven more by the actual success stories related to low carb intake. Though, most people do not wish to share their past obesity with others but some are keen to help and inspire others by their stories that how did they manage to overcome the extra fat that their body once had and how they dealt with that extra amount of burden and got success. It is really beneficial for others if they go through the tales told by others in that respect. We have handpicked few low carb success stories here for you to get motivated and inspired.

Our first of the success stories associated with low carb is of a diabetic patient, who was diagnosed as a case of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the year 2014. Brian is 49 years old and was advised by the doctor to lose as much as 27 kg of weight, because at the time of diagnosis he was weighing 118 kg. He says that he was obviously overweight and the doctors attributed this current medical condition to his obesity and he found that it was no lie in that. It was also clear to him that his weight and all the extra fat in his body is posing serious threats to his life now and his obesity has led him to the potential damaging disease of diabetes mellitus. He was aware that his father also suffered from the same disease because of being overweight. He further says that the doctor handed him a prescription and a diet plan but he felt that this was not going to help much. As Brian was warned about the possible complications of the disease, he was motivated enough to take the weight loss requirement seriously for his life. He took help of a friend and started the low carb diet. According to him, he has lost 25 kg in few months and his health has been much better. He has also taken his medicines regularly.

Our second of the success stories of low carbs is of a Derek from Australia, he says that due to my weight problem I have been trying many diets and ended up quitting them because they made me sick. But this fat problem was overwhelming and I could not stand all this extra weight and chubbiness on me. I had decided to get myself in shape and I was determined to get rid of this extra fat. Then when I heard about the plan that involved low carbs and somewhat high fat, I went for it. I was 34 years of age and weighed up to 143 kg. After starting this low carb diet I felt less nauseous, more alert and surprisingly I had started to lose weight. I continued the diet and was able to achieve my target weight. I felt energetic!

These were some motivational stories about low carb diet that we collected for you.

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