Things You Should Know About Fast Digesting Carbs
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Things You Should Know About Fast Digesting Carbs

May 4, 2015

People are very conscious about what they eat nowadays and they want to have complete and sound knowledge regarding various kinds of proteins, carbohydrates including fast digesting carbs and slow digesting carbs, also about different ranges of fat. It is justified to know what is right for your body. Our body is the main focus for us and it is understandable that we want to know what we are using to build it further.

As far as fat digesting carbs are concerned, these are rapid energy boosting. These are rapidly digested in our gut and are responsible for increasing the blood sugar level in no time. Thus, these are also referred to as carbs with having high glycemic index. The substances that have high glycemic index are especially useful when there is need of instantaneous sugar or rather energy, for example after a strenuous exercise. If after a heavy workout these fast digesting carbs are taken, they help replenishing the blood sugar level and your body does not suffer hypoglycemia.

Below is mentioned the list of the items that are included in the list of fast digesting carbs:

  1. White Grains

Whether it be white rice or white wheat, both are equally effective as fast digesting carbs. You can always go for steamed white rice if you want to avoid the oil used in frying rice.

  1. Vegetables And Fruits

Many fruits like dates, bananas, grapes, watermelon are included in fruits with high glycemic index (fast digesting). Further certain vegetables add to the list also, including potato (white and sweet), peas (green), parsnips, and yams.

  1. Cereals

It has been seen that flakes (corn and bran flakes), puffed rice and the oatmeal of the instant type are rich source of carbs that are of high glycemic index. Adding further to the fact, American Diabetes Association has reported that adding fruit juices to your cereals or even milk creams, you increase the amount of fast digesting carbs in your diet.

  1. Your Snacks; with high glycemic indices

Snacks are really rich source of fast digesting carbs. One should understand that though they seem to increase the blood sugar level immediately, these are also responsible for enhancing one’s waistline and adding to the bulk of the body, making it appear chubbier than ever. Thus, these are not preferred food for this purpose. These are not very healthy. This list includes all the items on which we mostly lay our hands on. For example, chocolates, candies, corns, potatoes, chips, biscuits, cakes. Name all the readymade carbs and these all make the list of fast digesting carbs.

As mentioned above that they might serve as high glycemic index foods, but these are not healthy at all to have in large amounts. Many a times these items are the main culprits in a number of medical conditions posed by such carbs. So, while benefiting from their rapid utilization and raising the sugar levels, they are hazardous if taken in large quantities and also if utilized for a large period of time.

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