Top 5 exercises to lose love handles

Top 5 exercises to lose love handles

December 31, 2014

Like almost all types of abdominal fat, love handles can also be fairly demanding to get out of it.  For many, it persists, even after they lose fats all over the body the fat in the body.

But, contrary to popular belief to lost love handles aiming your abs with crunch or even targeted exercises for the muscles under your love handles will not particularly reduce fat in your problem areas.

Here are the 3 things that you must take care:

1) Balanced healthy diet

2) Cardio Vascular as well as the resistance training

3) Abdominal Exercises to firm the muscles beneath the areas full of fat.

The most important of all is the love handle abdominal exercises. Here are the top 5 exercises to lose love handles.

  1. Side Plank with Hip Dips Start right from an upper pushup and bring directly the right hand directly straight way under the nose. Get the feet jointly behind, raise your hand off ground, to weight your balance on the right hand. Pull your belly in toward the spine, and dip both the hips down till they almost touch the ground. It is an extraordinary exercise for the leaning muscles of the abdominal areas on the sides of the core.
  2. Boat Pose with twists Sit on the floor and raise legs, keep your feet away and bend knees at ninety degree angles. Lean the torso back nearly 45 degrees. Bring arms long before you and also form the palm like a sprayer posture is very helpful to lose love handles. The body should appear to be like. Inhale, sit up and exhale twist the arms over to touch the floor. Repeat the process twenty five times.
  3. Plank With Knee Twists Begin with higher pushup plank point with the hands directly under the shoulders. Then descend to the forearm. Lift up the right foot; stretch out the leg behind you. By inhaling deeply exhale, with your leg and bring the right knee to the left elbow. Expand back the leg and then rest it down. This has immense impact to lose love handles. Repeat the process ten times on every side to get
  4. Leg Circles Lie down with the arms down with hips, down the palm. Pull the lower abdominal muscles toward the spine, and then raise your legs upward in the form of L shape. Pull your legs down to the ground over the right, and then bring them to the so that they hover on floor. Then pull over them over, back up to the center in the direction of the ceiling and make a big circle to lose love handles. Repeat the process for ten times right and left.
  5. Good Posture Just do a simple thing. It is really good. It is nothing but maintaining good posture whenever you are sitting, walking or standing. For example, when you are at desk top stay up high and quietly drag your tummy muscles towards the column of the spine column. This minor stimulation of the important muscles helps them to tone and at the same time burn more and calories per a day. It might be the minor modification that makes a big difference.

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