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January 21, 2015

Throughout the year your forearms remain one of the very visible body parts. From summer through winter, your forearms speak millions about your personality and abilities. For this and many other reasons, this article is replete with all that you may need concerning forearm muscle workout.

What to expect

We have detailed key aspects on some of the most effective forearm muscle workouts. These include:

  • The farmer’s walks
  • The band finger extensions
  • The single dumbbell wrist curl
  • The wrist extension stretch

To completely blow up your forearm, we will incorporate the use of common exercises like wrist curls, towel wring out, squeezing, twisting and gripping with the above mentioned exercises. Remember we only have 2 weeks to see real results!

The farmer’s walks

This will be you first forearm muscle workout. The procedure for farmer’s walk involves using a set of very heavy dumbbells. Pick up the two then stand straight up as you take measured strides for at least 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure three times daily during your training sessions.

The farmer’s walks is impressive in helping you build up more strength. Needless to mention; this will improve you grip potential a great deal.

The band finger extension

This will be the second forearm muscle workout in your list. It is not as intensive and rigorous as the farmer’s walks, yet it has very impressive results.

The procedure involves wrapping a heavy duty rubber band around your fingers. You then spread apart your fingers to full stretch; it is after all not as simple as you thought, right!! Repeat this over a period of 10 minutes during your training session.

The single dumbbell wrist curl

This forearm muscle workout is an improved version of the wrist curl aforementioned. The key difference is the use of a dumbbell. The procedure involves sitting on a bench then resting the elbow on the thigh. Bend the elbow at 90 degrees while holding the dumbbell in one hand. Curl your hand up and down in a repeat fashion. This should be done very slowly so that the forearm muscles get completely engaged.

You could also use a pair of dumbbells for both hands. This will make it much easier to workout both arms at the same time. The single dumbbell wrist curl is best done over long time periods. This is to say that you need to commit more time toward this workout.

The wrist extension stretch

This forearm muscle workout is the last in our list. Wrist extension stretch involves bending the right elbow then clasping the left hand fingers over those of the right hand. Bend the wrist so that the back of the hand is closest to your forearm. Repeat this for the other arm after every 3 minutes. This muscle workout is best effective if you have at least 3 training sessions daily.

These four routine forearm workouts are known for their effectiveness. What else? Commitment and dedication are the other extras you need in this game. In just a fortnight, your forearm will be just what you want it to look like.

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