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Weight Loss: “Fresh-Lemon Magic”

October 19, 2014

weight loss fresh lemonWant to know about our natural ways to lose you excess weight, here are some of them, enjoy reading. One may go under severe stress watching too much weighty physical appearance. Under these conditions, we always try to compare ourselves to others who are naturally smart. The first solution comes to our mind is to consult a Doctor and use the medicinal courses to lose the weight and again become smart as before. Remember, use of medicine is not the real solution, it might create so many internal or external biological disorders. You eyes may get blackish layers, which is going to destroy your personality. Many other methods can be adopted like special exercises in the home and gym, lypo-surgery of your belly and other parts of body which have assumed fatty shape, complete diet plans as recommended by the doctors and many more. However, do not start the weight loose strategy without the consultation of nearby expert doctor(s). You must be wondering about the best suitable solution that should also be cost effective putting minimum affordable burden on your monthly pocket money and should be scientifically approved. Here we have some very effective weight loss methods derived from use of LEMON with other natural herbs and items,

  1. Lemon Juice with Honey:

Add three table spoon of lemon juice in slightly warm water with two table spoon of ginger and two table spoon of honey as well. Mix them all and use atleast two normal glasses for quick results. This mixture helps burn your calories and other fats from your body.

  1. Lemon with Black Pepper:

Take powdered black pepper about ¼ tea spoon and then add 3 tea spoons of lemon juice and a normal glass of water. It is recommended that you should atleast use twice a day and results will start appearing very soon with natural treatment of weight.

  1. Lemon with Green Tea:

Green tea contains natural antioxidants which are best known to burn extra calories in our body and the lemon juice take care of our skin taking care of vitamins. With combination of these two natural and easily available items, you are able to lose atleast 8 to 1o pounds weight in two months with regular use of this mixture thrice a day.

  1. Lemonade with Cinnamon:

Take a normal glass of water and add two to three table spoon of lemon squeeze and in the last add cinnamon accordance to your taste. You can however also add honey for better taste and fast results. Take this mixture atleast twice a day and will help you looking fresher and lose of atleast 5 pound within a month.   Indeed, our whole life should be well planned and so the diet should be. It will take us away from severe problems and lethal diseases. The fatty body is also a disease and we cannot call it a healthy physique. Moreover, we must say good bye to such food that contains high calories to get better results.

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