Triceps Workouts

Wonderful Triceps Specific Workouts

June 26, 2015

Nobody can actually deny the importance of exercise and muscle building including workouts related to triceps, biceps, abdominal muscles etc. People say that a healthy body gives way to a healthy brain and it is especially importance in these days to focus on building both. So, in this ever increasing trend of competition, no aspect of your personality should be taken for granted. So, in this era if something can help you enhance both your physique and the capabilities of your mind, then it is wise and justified to never miss on that one and one should give it a solid try as it’s a win-win situation for that particular matter.

Nowadays, when people are focusing on being in shape, they are also aware of building healthy muscles to be strong, whether it is for looks of it or for self defense. These biceps and triceps workouts are equally important in this regard. The idea of judging the health of a man by his arms; in other words his biceps and triceps, never gets old. These remain the criteria for categorizing the healthy muscle bulk.

Below are mentioned few wonderful exercises to help you through your triceps workout in order to add bulk and strength to the muscles. But in order to understand the triceps workouts, you need to first know a bit of anatomy related to triceps. This would help you utilize the tactics better. Triceps has three heads; lateral head, long head and lastly the medial head. It is therefore essential that during exercise all of these three heads are involved, because you do not want an imbalanced look of your triceps on your arm. Whole of the bulk of the triceps matters, not just a single head. It looks absurd if only one or two of its heads are focused during the workout.

  1. Dips related to triceps

This exercise has the advantage of involving all three heads of triceps. You have to dip with your arms to such an extent that your triceps are parallel to the ground. After that dipping it is appropriate to assume the zero or the resting position again. Then repeat the exercise in the forms of reps, such type of workout becomes very easy if the dips are done with the help of bench.

  1. Bench pressing closed grip

This exercise involves triceps workouts but also defines the separation between your pectoral muscles. Hold the rod and place both hands 1 foot from each other and slowly lower down the weight keeping your elbows tucked in till your triceps are parallel to ground. Now hold for a second and then move up and repeat.

  1. Abduction Overhead

Begin by elevating one arm, overhead, gradually bend arm at elbow with the dumbbell. Keep upper arm stationary, put it down for few seconds and then repeat up movement again.

These are excellent triceps workouts; you should try if you are interested in adding bulk to your arms with the proper contour!

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